We Should Get Paid For Our Value, Not Our Time

We Should Get Paid For Our Value

In the current climate we are facing, how many requests have you seen for a unicorn candidate / consultant at intern pricing? How many times have these actual unicorns accepted the offers as their justification is “Well, it’s better than nothing”? We Should Get Paid For Our Value, Not Our Time.

This is 100% inaccurate. What this acceptance does is not only discredit our own personal growth and self-esteem, it also leads to immense frustration as a specialist because the role / project taken-on will have more time spent educating your boss / client on why certain things need to be done rather than applying your professional skill set, as from the onset there was no value placed on your role / project.

As professionals we have spent a lot of our valuable time gaining experience through both the wins and the losses, which ultimately leads to providing the best value in the best possible timeframe. Client / Boss = WIN.

I consistently remind my peers about how important our losses / failures / mistakes are as these are invaluable learnings which are applied into all of our upcoming strategies / executions.

Why do we accept people undervaluing our experience?

I recently received a request for a quotation on a digital marketing project where the client started the email by saying “I think Digital Marketing companies is like nail therapists, one around every corner.” – with that opening statement, I decided to value myself more than the job. What makes my offering different? Priceless Experience.

Have faith in what you know. Trust what you have learned. And most importantly – do not undervalue your hard-earned experience.

I’ll leave you with this valid quote:

“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.”Maureen Dowd

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