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Get To Know The Brand Before Marketing The Brand Online

At Top Drawer, we know all too well how important it is to close the gap between agency and brand, and brand and offline or online customer. Furthermore, we know of the importance of driving authenticity and building emotional connections within online audiences. Especially in a time when understanding a brand and representing it in the best way to the best audience seems to have been replaced with branding and marketing of the digital kind – SEO, PPC, trending keywords, algorithms and virtual marketing tools.

Content And Tech Are A Powerful Force To Drive Online Conversions

With emphasis placed heavily on digital marketing tools and tactics – which does get businesses noticed online – less focus is placed on customised and brand-centric marketing content which gets notice from the right audience awaiting the message and who is ready to act.

Know The Brand, Then Combine It With Digital Marketing Tools And Tactics

Whether you’re an agency marketing for clients or a direct client setting out to marketing on the virtual space, you need to know the brand. To know the brand, you have to delve into your business and find its unique selling points, its brand talk and identity. To know your client’s brand, you need to consult with them, ask questions and get to know what they do and who they do it for. Merely marketing your client or your own business through keywords and hot-and-happening tech tools will create increased online exposure, but will fail in creating as many conversions as it would do if combined with content that talks the brand to the audience who is listening.

Creativity in marketing messages and cementing long-lasting relationships between brand, customers and the marketing agency is key here. To be creative, to indeed sell, to truly get sales and online conversions, the marketer in question, needs a brand introspection and must align this brand knowledge with digital tools, on digital platforms, that work for the business and its direct, targeted audience. Here at Top Drawer, we’re ahead of the digital marketing curve and focus on relationships and connections – a focus not many digital agencies do these days, to the detriment of their clients and overall results.

Start Off With These Questions When Getting To Know The Brand

So how do you get to know your brand or that of your clients? While a more complicated process, let’s keep it simple for now with these vital questions to ask:

  • What pain points do your business and its offerings solve?
  • Who is your competition?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What kind of personality does your business brand have?
  • How does your business make customers feel?
  • What’s your business’ defining story?
  • Why do clients trust your business?
  • How is your business different?
  • What are your brand’s value and attributes?

While there are more steps to follow when trying to understanding a brand, let’s motivate your move to brand awareness by revealing just how potent brand knowledge and understanding is to achieving benefits, while boosting digital exposure from digital marketing tools and tactics.

Get To Know Your Audience So Your Audience Will Want To Get To Know You Better

Knowing a brand means you’ll create marketing content that achieves desired responses from targeted audiences. Targeting content and marketing messages to this identified audience means they’ll act on your offerings rather than opting to go with your competitors.

Branding and marketing online once you’ve built the foundations of brand knowledge will make customers identify your business easier as well as keep your business, and its memorable brand, top of mind. Branded marketing content, used in combination with top digital strategies and tools – which we have in abundance at Top Drawer – means you’ll entice your potential customer, and new audience groups, to act, to buy, to put their trust in your business. And in a nutshell, this means improved online sales, a more significant online presence and a vastly improved business bottom line.

Let’s Build Brands Together To Build Your Business Or Agency

Yes, that’s right, there’s no denying how important it is to get to know the brand before marketing the brand online. And we can help you do this! For more information on how we can help you, click here—partner with us, a digital marketing agency that builds brands and boosts sales.

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